Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Chocolate day Quotes for Girlfriend / Boyfriend | Saying In English

Happy Chocolate day Quotes for Girlfriend / Boyfriend :- Hi guys! After a long time we are updating my visitors with Happy chocolate day quotes in Hindi English for girlfriend and boyfriend. So there is the need to uplift this valentine week’s events because I have search about this day and I found that it has very low searches. Then I realised that this day does not have so much trend and celebrated by the love birds in our country. So I decided to uplift this day for you guys, as we all know everyone loves to eat chocolate and even when we are going to our first date to a particular person, we take some gift with us. The most common gift in meeting of a girl and boy is chocolate, and recently Diwali has gone, a lot of chocolate and sweet have been handed over to you by your people as the enjoy the celebration. Similarly we should also celebrate chocolate day. So here I have some best quotes, saying and lines for you people so that you can forward these things to you lovers and friends. I have also mentioned about Chocolate Day SMSfor Him / Her | Girlfriend / Boyfriend in my previous article, you may check it out.

chocolate day quotes images
chocolate day quotes images

Chocolate Day images with Quotes

Images have the more effect on us because they are very easy and quick to understand, we have posted and uploaded all the pics which are best for you, just save them in your mobile phones or you can use a computer to save them.

*** Mithaas Bhari Hui Har Aur Hai,
Lage Hai Jaise Khoobsurat Shama Pur-Zor Hai,
Dhoonda Toh Paya Aapki Hai Ye Mithaas
Jo Aaj Ke Din Ek Chocalate Ki Tarah…
Meethi Aur Chaayi Harr Aor Hai..
Chocalate Ka Meetha Din Mubarak Ho !

*** This Is A Chocolate Message,For A Dairy Milk Person,From A Five Star Friend,For A Melody Reason,And A Kitkat Time,On A Munch Day,In A Perk Mood To Say,Happy Chocolate Day 2015
 *** Today Day Is The Chocolate DayDairymilk For LoveKitkat For SpecialBounty For CoolMars For Best Friend .Sonat 4 Cute HugGalaxy 4 Sweet KissWhat Will You Give Me?
chocolate day quotes images

Chocolate Day Quotes For Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Here are some of the quotes separated for girls and boys, boy you should keenly choose the topic that you want to send to you love. And I think you should take you GF to some mall to enjoys the treat of chocolate.

Chocolate day Quotes For Girlfriend

*** Each Chocolate Is Like A Portion Of Life,Some Are Crunchy, Some Are Nutty,Some Are Soft, But All Are Delicious.
 *** Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,It Tastes Only In The Beginning!But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,It Tastes Till It Ends!Happy Chocolate Day 2015 
*** Simply Put… Everyone Has A Price, Mine Is Chocolate!Buy Me With A Chocolate!!! Sweet Heart!!!

 Chocolate Day Quotes for Boyfriend

Here are my special giftsto my special friend and my valentine,my heart filled with love,my eyes full of adoration,my mind full of your dreams,and a box full of chocolates.Happy Chocolate Day! 
Here comes the sweetest chocolatemade only for you, my valentine!was dipped in my heartwith cream & coco of my love & careholding fruits of your dreamsand nuts of my sleepless nightsHappy Chocolate day to my love!

Wish you gain all the happiness of lifeon this sweet day of chocolates.Lots of sweet wishes and prayers for my sweet friend.Have a very happy chocolate day!Life is like a chocolate,short and sweet,Wishing you a happy chocolate day dear friend!
chocolate day quotes images
chocolate day quotes images

Happy Chocolate Day quotes in Hindi and English

Wishing you a life full of happiness,care and comfortwith a box full of chocolatesHappy Chocolate Day!

May you be always the most sweet andloved friend of mine!Wish you a happy chocolate day!

This sweet chocolate daybrings sweet memories of chocolates we sharedOur talks over dairy milksour fights over perk and munchSweet patched-ups over kit katand many more sweet moments of love and care we hadSweet chocolate day wishes to my dearest friend!

So this was all from our side on the topic of chocolate day quotes for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, gf, bf, him, her and friends. So we hope that we have entertained you well and you will definitely share all these quotes and saying with your friends and lovers to every social media platform. For sharing and forwarding you can you the below given tools. Don’t forget to bookmark us on your chrome and browser, so that you have the ease to find us easily on the World Wide Web. Thank you.


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